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Palletizer MCP-LS

1 - Palletizer MCP-LS
Reliable and compact high-performance palletizer.

The equipment does not require special maintenance. The palletizer is fully automated and the diagnostics is done using the touch screen. Suitable for bags and boxes, MCP is used in many industries, even under the toughest working conditions.

Technical specifications:

  • Pallet size 800x1200 / 1000x1200 mm or other on demand

  • Anti-intrusion barriers with CE certification

  • Maximum lift pallet 2000 kg

  • Overall size: 3700x8100x3000 mm

2 1 - Palletizer MCP-LS
4 1 - Palletizer MCP-LS

  • Pallet warehouse

  • Well to be installed to keep the bags withing the noundaries of the pallet

  • Double floor drain for a further accumulation of bags in the pallet changer and never stops the input products

  • for automatic feeding of empty pallets (with load capacity up to 15 europallets)

900 bags per hour


10 kW

Electrical power

6 bar

Operating pressure

380 V 50 Hz

Power supply