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panda it eng 2020 - PANDA
Simple and compact 3-axis cartesian palletizer.

3-axis cartesian palletizer, simple and compact, suitable for low production of bags or boxes. The linear movements are on linear guideways which guarantee long life, low noise and low maintenance. Can be integrated with logistics for a complete process automation.

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum lift pallet: 25kg

  • Pallet size: 800x1200 and 1000x1200 (others on request)

  • Barrier intrusion detection system and CE

  • Overall dimensions: 3000x2300 mm (basic version)

  • Pallet height reached 2000mm (basic version)

  • Gripping head according to the product to be treated

panda it eng 2020 2 - PANDA
panda it eng 2020 1 - PANDA

  • Pallet magazine

  • Roller pallet conveyor

  • Automatic pallet roller conveyor output

  • Ability to integrate the wrapper in the palletization

300 bags per hour


16 kW

Electrical power

6 bars

Operating pressure

380 V 50 Hz

Power supply