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Complete packaging line


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Machine description

We offer an automatic packaging line for soil, substrates, coal and granulated products.
The machine is fully complete, equipped with all the necessary elements required for packaging. It supports all production process from the moment of filling the bunker with material to the leaving pallet wrapped in stretch foil.
All line elements are in good working order and have been completed to ensure reliability. Line is ideal for producers who produce up to 10-14 bags per minute.
It's imple structure does not require complicated repairs in the event of a breakdown, which can be dealt with without calling the service.
Used machines are great alternative to new machines, the prices of which are several times higher.

insacchettamento 1024x578 - Complete packaging line
The packaging line is equipped with the following elements:

  • Loading Hopper

  • Elevating belt to feed the CTS 50

  • Vertical packaging machine "EsseGi - CTS50" complete of doser and forming tube

  • Turning and pressing belts

  • Automatic palletizer model "TMG - Autopal" complete of automatic empty pallet magazine

  • Semi-automatic wrapper machine ROBOPAC