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Wrapping machines

We offer wrapping machines with stretch foil, which perfectly protect the goods on pallets against rain, snow and dirt. Wrapped pallets are very stable and retain repeatability of packing. They reduce the costs of foil consumption and reduce the production time of the finished pallet with the product.

Our wrappers

Wrappers have a wide range of possible calibration, the functions of pre-stretching the foil up to 250% and top sheet dispenser, which increase protection against weather conditions and dust-tightness.

We use the newest solutions to obtain the highest possible efficiency with the lowest consumption while keeping all safety standards. The machines are equipped with e.g photocells, external safety net fences, operator entry door with safety limit-switch.

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The efficiency of the machines is 240 to 1600 bags / hour.

The wrapping machines are equipped with film stretching rollers by electromagnetic braking or power pre-stretch.

The pre-stretch allows to exploit in the best way the features of the film and to save about 30-40% of film.

Machines are equipped with a cutting film element and a sleeking brush to obtain a perfect end film.

The built-in control panel with display enables quick error signaling, manual change and synchronization of wrapping cycles.

Additional equipment

Additional equipment may be a top sheet dispenser which places the polyethylene sheet on the top of the pallet stationary on the turning table. Top sheet dispenser has the option of automatic pallet height search and the film lack signal.

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